Delray Beach


Delray Beach has always had immaculate sands and white soil, even back in the days it was considered uninhabitable. The soil looks so white that people would often mistake it for snow. Among the first settlers on the soil were people who made use of the advantageous soil and climatic conditions to successfully start a farming business among the community. As agriculture and related activities prospered in Delray during the 1920s, more people started moving-in and settling in the bustling yet peaceful community. Along with further urbanization, the city grew into the tourist hub that it is today.

Delray Beach now holds the distinction of being the ‘most fun small town in US’, a title which was bestowed upon it due to its glamorous night life, amazing shopping opportunities and a pristine-looking beach.

It’s not all fun in Delray Beach

The city has been blessed with much elegance and charm along with its laidback and happy aura. Although, there is something about Delray Beach that can be closely approximated to what we call a buzz-kill – the scorching heat! Come summer, the sun would be in all its glory and you’ll feel like you’re walking around inside a steaming sauna. This stopped a lot of settlers from making Delray Beach their home. But, soon enough, with technological innovation, air conditioners entered the scene and life in summer returned back to ‘likeable’.

When AC trouble comes calling

So, owning an AC does not put a full-stop to your summer-worries. Having an AC means having to repair and maintain it when heat starts to take a toll on its internal functions. One day your AC is fine and he next day there could be a mild or large problem from which your AC stopped working, giving you an absolutely unnecessary and un-anticipated headache. Under such situations, you find how much of a relief timely support and assistance regarding ACs can be. At Delray Beach AC Pros, we do just that – help our clients deal with such tricky situations.

Who are we?

For more than 20 years, Delray Beach and its people have been happily associating with us to install quality solutions at affordable rates, delivered on time, in an energy-efficient manner. When it comes to choosing AC service providers in Delray Beach, our name is among the top-most preferred and trusted companies.

We provide a comprehensive range of services in the following zip codes:


Some of our services include:

  • Delray Beach AC Pros Delray Beach, FL 561-328-0047Ductless mini-split AC installation
  • Expert detection of refrigerant leak within a short time
  • Replacement of spare-parts for quality products
  • Interior Air Quality improvement for ACs
  • Installation of new sir conditioner(s)
  • Commercial HVAC system installation
  • Repair and maintenance of existing ACs
  • Fixing errors or problems with compressors and condensers
  • Cleaning the AC and changing the filter

We can be quickly reached at 561-328-0047 round-the-clock if you want any of our services. Don’t hesitate to call us even if your AC has a very small issue.